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Go-Vita Health Centre

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The store has built an enviable reputation based on good service. Patrick, Wendy and the team are committed to contributing to the health and wellbeing of the community. This commitment is reflected in the way the store is managed and the caring manner in which the staff meet the needs and requests of GoVita customers. Go Vita has good health club and loyalty programme. The members receive a regular health news update that offers nutritional advice and exclusive discounts. Members receive discounts on Super Tuesday (first Tuesday monthly) and Super Saturday (third Saturday monthly) from 15% to 21% off normal retail price.
Some of the products available at Govita Ulladulla include:-

Specialty Breads
Gluten Free Products
Natural Body Care
Grains, Flours & Cereals
Dried Fruit
Dairy Free Products
Fresh Peanut Butter
Local Raw Honey
Sports Proteins & Supplements
Free Range Chickens
Water Filters
Coconut Yoghurt & Ice Cream

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